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"Teach me, to do it myself." ~ Maria Montessor


 There is a story behind every company. Ours has been anything but ordinary so far. We stumbled and fell more than once, especially in the early days. What welded us together as a team and kept getting up. It was the desire to perfect our skills and make a name for ourselves as experts in our field. Even as a grown and solid facility, we continue to educate ourselves and learn something new with every new challenge. And there is so much more to learn! 

Kids swinging

"Movement is the gateway to learning." ~ Ludwig Koneberg

Team on Trampoline

Our work is our passion and a positive drive for every new day. It makes us see challenge as an opportunity and achieve new goals.

Kinder mit Laub

"There is no age in which everything is experienced as insanely intensely as in childhood. We big ones should remember what it was like."~ Astrid Lindgren

Kind mit Arbeitsmaterial

"The task of the environment is not to shape the child, but to allow him to reveal himself." ~ Maria Montessori

Kinder im Wald

"Children have a right to today. It should be cheerful, childlike and carefree!" 
~ Janusz Korczak

Kids learning

In addition to the playful learning of several languages, our facility is also characterized by the transparency of our work and the involvement of parents in everyday kindergarten life. We emphazise the importance of an educational partnership in which the child is the focus.



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